Thursday, April 29, 2010

poem of the day 04.29.10

diverted to cardiff

diverted to cardiff
because some asshole set a control tower
on fire at heathrow
because the plane was an hour late
leaving kennedy international
because i have jet lag from not sleeping
because some asshole put his seat back
the minute the pilot told us that we could
because there were no good books
to read in my bag
because there were no good movies
playing on the flight
because europe is across an ocean
because the british are bureaucratic sitcoms
come to life
because henry miller and hemingway
aren’t ready for me yet
diverted to cardiff
the pilot says it will be for up to two hours
the flight attendant tells us all
that it is lovely here in cardiff
cardiff is in wales
but they won’t let us off the plane to look at it
diverted to cardiff
because it is just my luck
because i haven’t eaten in ten hours
and could use a meal
because i have euros in my wallet
instead of pounds
because i got drunk at my local bar
talking about paris and sales tax
and we had to call a car
to take us to the airport
instead of taking the a train at jay street
because i miss my cats
because i’m thinking about becoming a dad
and the idea no longer scares the shit out of me
diverted to cardiff
you can smell the fresh sea air in the plane
it is coming in off the bristol channel
diverted to cardiff
i think the smell is just gasoline.


Unknown said...

You've just encapsulated why I hate sitting on planes and going anywhere... My solution? Valium...

Good one. Again.

John Grochalski said...

anthony...the great thing, one great thing, about overseas flights is wine/beer is free...that said, the flight attendant gave me a hard time when i kept asking for wine...she asked me if i'd eaten yet.