Thursday, April 14, 2011

poem of the day 04.14.11

ghetto anthem

lift your feet to the
empty bottles rolling back
and forth on the floor
move side to side
to avoid the newspaper
blowing back
jump back because the back door
on the bus
ain’t locked
duck down
because those burger wrappers
are coming your way
bob your head
huff the scent
of the drunk with the empty
cat carrier
who keeps glaring at you
tell that bitch
with the fat, tan thighs
the one in the lycra miniskirt
tell that bitch
to start shaking her ass
if you can
but her man
looks pretty mean tonight
in his muscle shirt
and yankees hat
cocked sideways
scanning the bus
with his evil eyes
on the lookout
for any drooling inmate
who wants to know what shines
up there
between her legs
as the wheels on the bus
go round
and round
on another monday night
in the greatest city
on earth.

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