Tuesday, April 19, 2011

poem of the day 04.19.11

a.d. winans’ poems

reading a.d. winans’ poems
6 a.m. on the shitter
wrestling with last night’s
indian food
and cheap french wine
i realize that i really like
a.d. winans’ poems
only i wish that he’d write
less about all of those poets out there
with weak handshakes
worrying about where the next
publication is coming from
and more about the whores
in the tenderloin
north beach bars
or good old bob kaufman
but re-reading the beginning
of this poem
i’m reminded that my wife says
a lot of my poetry is
scatological in nature
so i guess i have to forgive a.d. winans
his small transgressions
as i hope those of you
reading this
will forgive mine.

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