Tuesday, May 1, 2012

EXTRA poem of the day 05.01.12

mayday may day

after all of these months
he’s still trying to figure out
the vast liberal conspiracy

like someone must be
funding these maggots, he says

they’re dirty and they got no job
yet they have blankets and food and everything else

still america keeps rolling on and on and on
the bloody same as it ever was

put them all in guantanamo, he says
let them occupy a cell down there
with those muslim motherfuckers

even better let them disappear for a while

but the government won’t do that
not with this hippy-dippy in the white house

if only bush was allowed a third term
the streets would be empty of their kind

and all of those liberal writers
and all of those hollywood know-it-alls
would have to find something better
to spend their money on
than a bunch of lazy sacks of shit
too good for an honest day’s work

jesus christ, he says
they have jackets and books
whatever their little hearts desire

but they wanna block my roads?
they wanna take over my bridge?

keep me from getting home
at a good goddamned hour?

let them choke on their protests
i hope the cops take them out
each and every one of them, he says

shoot those bastards in their knees
let them know what real pain feels like

may day?

what in the hell is may day
but some commie holiday.

they want may day, those motherfuckers?

this is the united states
we’ll give them may day until their blue in the face
and bloody to a pulp

still america keeps rolling on and on


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