Friday, May 18, 2012

poem of the day 05.18.12

waves of hubris and ego

one posts about the coming weekend
one stays fastened to the political soapbox
another one can’t stop posting about the job
while the poets have readings and books
that i’m never going to by

the poets seem to post on here five times an hour
surprising everyone that they even have a book to push
for how much time they spend
glued to this thing

one posts song lyrics by an old 1980s band
but the other one puts up the video
some of them are going to the concert this weekend
a few are closing the blinds and getting drunk
but not before they let everybody know

many of the them bomb this site
with photos of their flabby families
with photos of rash-faced babies
then write about how they can’t remember
their life before the little bundle of joy arrived

i read those posts with interest and humor
thinking, sure you don’t,
otherwise you’d probably kill yourself

but this one is always mourning the loss
of some obscure celebrity
and that one likes so many products
i wonder when they have time to breath

one of them is in london
one of them is in san francisco
and i think about robbing their unattended homes
just to teach them a lesson about privacy

several of them play games to kill the hours
giving up information for points
in a ridiculous quid pro quo
many bitch about their favorite sports teams
or push a local restaurant

some don’t post anything of value at all
just type out angry diatribes that seem random and dull

a couple of us push blogs
push our self-serving business down a long scroll
trying to get our own agendas noticed
amidst the rabble one-sided opinion and emoticons

of course, all of us are nothing but old pictures
a list of interests that aren’t very interesting at all

we’re waves of hubris and ego

familiar strangers raising the value
of this company’s IPO
with every like or dislike

christ, i wouldn’t know the bulk of you
if we passed each other in the street

and i’ll be damned if i can remember the last time
i sat across from anyone whom i wasn’t sleeping with
to hear what you had to say

in flesh in voice in blood.



Sunshine and Shadows said...

Where is the the "LIKE" button on this. :)

Benny Roberts said...

"and i think about robbing their unattended homes, just to teach them a lesson about privacy"


Benny Roberts said...
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John Grochalski said...

you folks are too kind.