Wednesday, February 6, 2013

poem of the day 02.06.13

junkies at the bus stop

late morning drunk
watching the junkies argue at the bus stop
across the street from a middle school

two whiskeys on an empty stomach
and i feel foolish and miserable for getting drunk so easily

swearing at the sun
sweating in a fifty degree morning heat
when it was twelve degrees three days ago

the junkies are in winter coats and snowcaps
stumbling all over the place

they don’t seem to be affected by the weather at all

they were laughing at first
but then they started pushing each other into an iron fence
where kids are playing basketball on recess
and eating their early lunches

the junkies are one man and one woman

the man seems to have the upper hand on this one
so he must be a republican

the woman keeps smiling at him
trying to bat him away

i think she thinks he’s still joking

but he keeps pushing her into the fence
blocking her out when she angles for some space

and there are cops riding by doing nothing about this
and cars honking at each other at yellow lights
and i am cursing myself for getting somewhat drunk before noon

two whiskeys on an empty stomach
proving to me that i’m not as solid iron as i used to be

the male junkie just won’t stop his harassment

he keeps pushing and pushing the woman
wiping the smile off of her face with a shove to the chin

i wish they’d kiss and make up
leave this scene to go and shoot up somewhere

have junkie sex and pass out to soap operas or talk shows

it’s got to be bad for the school kids
to see something like this

or maybe it’s common and i’m the prude today

my sensitivity heightened
from the whiskey and heat

and by the time the bus comes
i’m desperate to leave this behind me

to again look upon the good in humanity

but all i get are people on the bus
moaning and mortal
frowning and constipated by life

coughing and sneezing their disease

bitching at someone else
on a cell phone

ruining their day as well

as those junkies and my stupidity
have ruined mine.


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