Thursday, February 7, 2013

poem of the day 02.07.13


give me a gun
just a little gun
something to impress the neighbors with
something to impress upon
a small gun safely concealed
or out in the open like a throbbing cock
then maybe i’ll be true blue
true red, white, and blue
give me a gun
something simple
with a bayonet mount
and a telescopic stock
a colt AR-15
a mac-11
something with a pistol grip
and a flash suppressor
something to put in the window at christmas time
or to bring out at parties
a conversation piece
a piece of steel
something to show the kids
loitering on my block
something with a fixed capacity of more than five rounds
a detachable magazine
with the second amendment engraved on the handle
give me a gun, oh, lord
oh, statue of liberty
oh, sacred, holy NRA
a beautiful TEC-9
a pleasant little baretta AR-70
something to show the boys after church
and i promise i’ll be a good little american
i won’t complain
or get above my raisin’
because i’ll be basking in the glory of liberty
juggling clips by the dozen
and government
singing the star-spangled banner
into the cold black abyss
letting freedom reign all over me
like a spray of bullets at a shopping mall.

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