Thursday, April 17, 2014

poem of the day 04.17.14

dream job

i had this dream last night
that i up and quit my job
it felt good for a moment
but then my wife said
what are we going to do about your share of the money?
so i had to get another job in the dream
the only one that i could get
was as a traveling salesman
i had to wear a suit and carry a clipboard
i don’t have a clue if this is how
traveling salesman actually look
my boss was my old boss
back when i was a teenager
and worked in a suburban mall
he looked the same as he did twenty some years ago
same bad moustache and same receding hairline
he was still a dick, too
on my case about my facial hair and baggy pants
he was still showing pictures of his wife
in her bikini on their hawaiian vacation
although i didn’t jack-off to her in the dream
like i did back in 1991 just to spite him
i was too busy driving around trying to sell shit
getting yelled at by that prick for my goatee
i kept wondering why i quit my other job
in the first place
it wasn’t that bad of a job
everyone has to work
it’s true
i didn’t create the system
i just work within its confines
i didn’t really have it that bad to begin with
i’ve had it much worse
but it seems that i can’t stop doing stupid shit
in dreams or in real life
and when i woke up i was covered in sweat
i realized that i had the same job that i always had
i laid in bed in praised the gods
for being gainfully employed
a viable member of this capitalist society
and it was very much unlike me
so i wondered if i was still in that dream            

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