Monday, April 28, 2014

poem of the day 04.28.14

and i thought they only made these in america

he looks like an ape
sitting there in the liverpool hotel dining room
with his shaved head, pug nose and overly muscled body
he takes up half the table and half the room
hunched over his breakfast as if daring someone to steal it
everything is piled into a large greasy mound on his plate
the eggs, the bacon, the tomatoes, the sausage
the mushrooms and baked beans
a traditional english breakfast for sure
he’s using a spoon and holding it in a clutched fist
like a child would do
he keeps farting and huffing in his scent while he eats
his girlfriend sits down from the buffet to join him
she’s his polar opposite
beautiful with a head of blonde hair brushing her shoulders
refinement the whole way around
she has all of her food in neat little compartments
fruit and toast with jam
hot tea, and a bowl of corn flakes waiting for some milk
he greets her by burping into her face and then diving back into his food
she sits there glaring at him for a moment
then says, can’t you be proper?
he stops shoving the food in after that
looks at her for too long a moment
then says something slow and deliberate that i cannot hear
before he gets up from the table and storms out of the room
smacking into food trays and tables
the proverbial bull in a china shop
while she follows after him sullenly
nary a bite of toast taken
and a cup of lady grey waiting for its first sip


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