Tuesday, June 24, 2014

poem of the day 06.24.14

so this is what death feels like

the sound of the doctor’s voice
telling the nurse to wake me up
slap him if you have to, he says
so she does
but not hard
open his eyes
and then there are fingers clamping my lids
opening my eyes
everything around me is blurry and yellow
until the lids drop again
and then it is black
the doctor, the nurse,
someone lifts my arm
i try to keep it up but the limb drops
back on the bed
he’s trying, the nurse says to the doctor
so this is what death feels like, i’m thinking
a struggle just like life
i try moving in the bed
but nothing is really working
lift his leg, the doctor says
someone does
i’m able to keep it up for a few seconds
before it falls back as well
someone slaps me again
i’m starting to feel like larry fine
they lift the eyes a second time
i manage two or three seconds
faces coming at me with stale breath
then it all goes black again
while in my mind i’m running as fast as i can
away from this
toward a green ocean
when the doctor says, slap him again
and i wait patiently
for the impact.


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