Monday, June 30, 2014

poem of the day 06.30.14

the royal couple

the royal couple
get on the bus at fort hamilton

she’s a good looking girl
got those doe eyes that drive boys wild

i don’t see his face
but he’s got a punisher t-shirt on

so he’s probably an asshole

she sits behind us and he follows
they start right away

he tries grabbing her notebook
and she says, get off of me asshole

then she slaps at his face

he says, why you hittin’?
all the while blocking more of her blows

he says, you started it anyway, bitch
goin’ out with some dude last night that i don’t know

she says, leave me a lone
i have to do my shit

she’s the studious sort

he says, well, what about that?

she says, what about the girl at the party last night?

so it’s my fault that some girl
sent me naked photos of herself? he says

it’s a twenty-first century love story, i think
everyone on the bus is watching this fairytale courtship

we’re a hustling, moving camelot

he reaches for her notebook again
she hits at him, kicks
he’s moving around like a boxer trying to block her

the two of them are smacking at the back of our seats

i turn to my wife
i’m going to have to turn around and punch this guy
aren’t i?

she shrugs
she’s got other things on her mind this humid morning
but she says, he’s pretty big

i try getting a look at him
out of the corner of my eye
as he’s bobbing and weaving from the slaps

all i see is that punisher t-shirt

the doe-eyed girl seems to be doing enough damage to him
so there’s really no need for me to be the hero

she finally gets one in
a nice crack that resounds up and down the bus

and prince charming stops his shit
he sits stone still rubbing his face and sniffling
as our chariot rumbles slowly down 86th street

picking up the other distinguished members
of their royal court.


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