Wednesday, July 2, 2014

poem of the day 07.02.14

and the sheep goes bah

i’ve been trolling this old pal on facebook
because we are no longer friends for ideological reasons
and because he became a right wing douche bag

right now i’m living through constant anger
but he seems happy though

his been married for a number of years now

his wife has managed to squeeze out
a few heirs to his throne
while making a ton of money
and letting him stay home to raise the kids

i’m almost sure that he doesn’t call anyone
these days to talk about divorce

he looks like he’s settled in to this suburban life
of god, guns, and government

bald as a baby’s ass and physically fit
dressed to the nines in khaki pants or shorts
a flashy t-shirt or a polo that reeks of cologne

the pictures from his hackneyed vacations
seem like g-rated fun in the sun

they are dull enough to get the neighbors jealous anyway

those wild days of strip clubs
and hooker blow jobs are long in his rearview

there’s no need to pay for sex
when there’s ovulation on the horizon

and he probably hasn’t had a hangover in a decade

he’s a stand-up guy by all accounts
hell, the bible is listed as his favorite book

he’s now living his halcyon days
like a champion of the american dream

a true success story
a model for us all

weekend barbeques and church trips to cathedrals
little league games and lemonade ejaculations

fireworks every fourth of july

and always

asleep by nine o’clock on a quiet cul-de-sac

where cars never idle or honk their horns
where kids are seen but not heard

somewhere over the rainbow

where even the dogs are too polite to bark
or take their shits on the street


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