Wednesday, July 9, 2014

poem of the day 07.09.14

a vacation to antigua

trying to kill
w. somerset maugham

but the television in the waiting room is so loud
there’s no point in even compiling
an independent thought

there is another celebrity on the screen
some bubbly blonde who’s been around longer
than her talent should’ve allowed

she’s forty-one but looks twenty
and everyone in the waiting room is wowed by her

we’re obviously not at the plastic surgeon

the actress is talking about her new movie
a comedy, a sex comedy

you can see everything, she says

a few people in the waiting room tisk
one lady shouts, if you’ve got it flaunt it

we’re lobbing hackneyed phrases out there
on a hot july afternoon

the interviewer asks the actress about children
she shakes her head and laughs

motherhood is too hard, she says. i could never do it
then she giggles and shakes her million dollar ass

in the waiting room there is a mutiny boiling

mothers, aunts, grandmothers, great aunts
and mothers-to-be are all scowling at the television

they suddenly hate this actress

she’s selfish, one of them says

who does she think she is, another shouts
prancing around on screen with her tits hanging out?

grow up, they shout

my children are my greatest joy, one says to another

they both nod the gentle nod of motherhood
as their kids continue to run around the waiting room
knocking over magazines
and smacking at the glass door with their fat palms

i look up at the television
the blonde actress’ face is wide with contentment
her eyes sparkle and her teeth are white

she’s everything we’ve ever paid our money to see

then i go back to
w. somerset maugham

as the interviewer asks her
about her rock star boyfriend

and the vacation that she took to antigua.


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