Tuesday, July 7, 2015

poem of the day 07.07.15

ben affleck’s divorce
is killing the european union

or it would appear so
online and in the paper’s this morning
ben returning bewildered from the bahama’s
sans wedding ring
got top story over the greek debt vote
and the civil war in south sudan
batman beats male child castration!
should’ve been the headline
holy drachma, batman!
was it his blonde movie co-star that caused the fracture
or that old latina flame from the block?
all the same another bennifer has gone up in smoke
i find myself caught up in the zeitgeist
reading the news, looking at the pictures
poor ben outside a starbucks
with his gallon of GMO harvested ice coffee
his sad million dollar eyes
his gray beard and gray hair unkempt
homeless and broken hearted by way of beverly hills
this is better than reading about racists and confederate flags
or all of that stuff going on in yemen
there doesn’t seem much for ben to do now
other than gamble and binge drink top shelf for a while
bang a few up and coming starlets to take away the pain
tell them, i’m batman
as he rides the wind of losing america’s sweetheart
was jennifer garner an american sweetheart?
well she should be with her dimpled cheeks and wet eyes
another girl next door wronged by the dark knight
it doesn’t matter how much you have in your bank account
divorce affects us all
if you don’t believe me, go and ask angela merkel
or alexis tsipras what they think
ask them about how ben affleck’s divorce 
is killing the european union
and if they look at you strangely
wave your flag and tell them you’re an american news reader
tell them, from me, that the euro is only trading
ninety-one cents on the u.s dollar these days
and that you don’t have to take their effete european bickering
not when batman’s back in town.


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