Wednesday, July 15, 2015

poem of the day 07.15.15

chasing yesterday

we are
chasing yesterday again
here in hamburg
running the reeperbahn
snapping the life out of grosse freiheit
in search of the beatles
photographing pizza huts
that were once famous clubs
as drunk punk kids shout
hey, america, photograph me
photos we’ll blow up
into 8x10s
to hang up on our walls
like animal heads brought back
from a great hunt
in alleyways where the once famous stood
we emulate poses at the wrong doorway
only to do it again at the right one
in berlin
it was bowie’s apartment
the gay club he and iggy pop went to
the ruins of schopenhauer’s old pad
i think of all of the gravesites here in europe
and back in the u.s.
countless bars and cafes
apartments ticked off the list
bukowski’s bungalow
and composer’s homes
the miles and miles we walked off the map in paris
to find where henry miller lived
crying over kerouac in lowell
deathmasks and locks of ancient hair
chasing yesterday so much
as i stand here
setting up another shot
i begin to worry
if i’ve made any history
of my own


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