Monday, August 3, 2015

poem of the day 08.03.15

greetings and solicitations
from new york, new york

there is no friendly way to be
when you’ve worked six days straight
one day off and then another four on
with no air conditioning in the place
sweating where you stand
answering the questions and concerns
of the public at large
yelling at children
making sure the local pederasts aren’t jacking it in the john
there is only peace and patience
a willingness and desire to pass through the day
untethered to conversation
and the problems of every other man
but living this way would require staying forever indoors
the lights off and the a/c blasting
foil on the windows like a poor man’s elvis presley
besides i’m hungry for northwestern chinese noodles
hand pulled covered in cumin and red chili sauce
there is no other way for me to be
except here with you right now
slurping noodles fumbling with chopsticks
my big bulk on a small wooden stool
principally made for twelve year old chinese girls to sit on
forgetting that we work for a living anyway
the skies the limit, this day being ours instead of theirs
we’ve already seen great cinema
so who knows what lies ahead?
and that’s why when he saddles up next me
pink slips of paper in his hand
asking if we want to donate some cash for his hoops squad
i have no other kindnesses to give
there is nothing else for me to do
except stay silent smile mouth full of noodles
the next round dangling dubiously on my chopsticks
shake my head no to the solicitation
like a man who only wants to live his life
like waves drifting back into still water in the vast green ocean
at him saying, aw, man, i hope y’all get food poisoning
before stomping out into the heat of st. mark’s place
lanky head-of-hair whooshing little wandering
capitalist, fascist, opportunist satan that he is
hell bent on chasing down the next poor fool

to try making him beg for his solace too.                                                

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