Thursday, August 6, 2015

poem of the day 08.06.15

bruised fruit

some men have
that swagger
i never did
the grocery store god
he has two female cashiers
on his dick
this fine saturday afternoon
while i stand there
waiting to get my items rung up
the world makes it too easy
to hate tattooed, bulky
doe-eyed jack-offs like this
romeo’s got the new latina cashier
with her cute freckled face
just about ready to come
in her panties
with his wink
and the chubby asian girl
who always smashes my fruit
is doing everything to get his attention
but hurl herself naked
across the soda aisle
she’s the reason i’m in romeo’s line in the first place
because i can’t suffer
another bruised peach
but romeo
he’s too good to ring up my strawberries
the vegetable cans
the club soda and toilet paper
he’s talking to the girls
about his boys
his homies
his vacuous plans for this saturday night
finally he starts
checking-out my stuff slowly
like he’s doing my a favor
while the latina giggles at one his stories
a finger in her mouth
as he details his twilight tall tales
his bad-ass
while the asian girl tries to best her
saying, paulo
oh let me bag those groceries for you
flinging herself
from one register to the next
grabbing my bananas
throwing them into
a plastic bag
before slamming it
right on the metal counter
with her
world famous
patented pulpy


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