Wednesday, September 2, 2015

poem of the day 09.02.15

liberty avenue porn shop (revisited)

plunk twenty-five cents
to go through the turnstiles
bondage gear
leather gear
this is where you go
after another fruitless night
at the bars and clubs
dvds and videos lining the walls
creams in jars and tubes
peep show advertisements
for in the back
the man working the counter
looks like a rasta
doesn’t even look up when we walk in
hair greasy from club sweat
spiked rods
plastic anuses
pocket pussies
blow-up sex dolls
leather masks
foot fetish kits
calvin grabs a dvd with nude sisters
touching each other on the cover
steve grabs another blow job video
erotic cds
smut novels
magazines in plastic
i grab a pack with 40+ magazine on the top
because i fetish fucking
some old brunette
if ever an old brunette
went where we hung
candy bars at the counter
lotto tickets
packs of smokes
grab a fresh pack of camels
because when i get home
it’s going to be
another long night
jerking off this kind of despair.


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