Wednesday, September 16, 2015

poem of the day 09.16.15

drowned rat

b/c it rained
b/c i had no umbrella
b/c i gave it to portia
b/c she needed one
b/c that little drizzle that started on forbes
turned into a monsoon by bellefield
b/c it was raining so hard
water ran like rapids toward gurgling drains
b/c everywhere i walked i kicked up puddles
b/c i stepped in a pothole up to my ankles wet
b/c i tripped and landed on my knee wet
b/c nobody noticed
b/c i can pass these streets like a ghost
b/c i’m a writer bum
and i needed that umbrella
and i didn’t realize that when i gave it to portia
and i didn’t realize it walking up bellefield
and my shirt was drenched
and my jeans were soaked
and my shoes were done for because of that pothole
and gene kelly can kiss my ass
and b/c the 77B bus took forever
and it was raining when i got home
and i never changed my clothes
and i listened to music wet
and had dinner wet
and read henry miller wet
and went to bed wet
b/c i work up the next morning in the same damp jeans
b/c i have the same jeans on again
casing this depressing campus with a sniffle and cough
and i didn’t realize anything until this moment
b/c i’m oblivious to everything
except the fact
that portia has a boyfriend.


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