Tuesday, April 19, 2016

poem of the day 04.19.16

nuit debout
            --I sure as hell wouldn’t want to live
              in a society where the only people allowed guns
              are the police and the military (william s. burroughs)

cops in riot gear
with helmet shields
and bullet proof vests
hurl tear gas at kids with headscarves
wrapped around their mouths
charge them like a battering ram of metallic flesh
oh, the streets of paris
are full of that ol’ joie de vivre
as i sit in an amsterdam hotel
drinking bad wine and listening to the rain
or is this new york that i’m watching?
londoners calling for the prime minister’s head?
it’s hard to tell these days
another city, another pack of boys in blue
dragging some citizen across the street
at the beck and call of some silly law
or politician with his hands in an offshore tax haven
you say you want a revolution?
right now i’m thinking about that quote
william s. burroughs had
only i can’t get it right
or maybe i’m not the pacifist i thought i was
as i watch bloody kids with no future but debt
get dragged across haussmann boulevards
and thrown into police vans
reflecting all of the beauty of the city of light
all i can think
is get these kids something stronger
than a rock to throw
something more than just the will
to stand up against this bullshit and tyranny
let the sky rain bullet proof vests and riot gear for the masses
throw all of the batons
in the middle of the place de la republique
the tear gas in trafalgar
the guns in the middle of times square for the cowboy americans
then let us all stand back
and on the count of three
let’s see who can get to them first
and then we’ll see what’s up.


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