Friday, July 15, 2016

poem of the day 07.15.16

ten-cent words

i used to have lines, baby

lines and humor
coming out of my ass

it actually worked on some girls

i’d have them laughing like lunatics
with the shit i said

a natural born comedian
with a double chin and chaffed thighs
in husky pants from the tall and fat store

although my humor never got me anywhere

but with some other girls
there’d be nothing but a stone silence between us
as i dropped lyrical bomb after bomb

a first class comedy act that i made up on the spot

christ, you could hear a pin drop
between me and these critics before their time

those bold queens
who turned their noses up at me and walked away
in an effort to save themselves a little face

in a way they were foreign beasts
that i struggled to fully understand

because most times later
i’d catch those very same girls in close quarters
with some well-polished blank of a boy
dropping his ten-cent words into their ears

dull lines, for certain, that had the girls
laughing and laughing like lithe hyenas

i’d watch them dance around each other
as if observing some sick science experiment

the graze of the arm
the brush of the hair

wondering how in the hell they did it
with such little effort, while i sweated and toiled

before sulking off wounded and confused

knowing less and less about the way the world worked
then i did only moments before

except that what you looked like on the outside
meant anything and everything

and what was inside of you, baby
didn’t really count for shit

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