Wednesday, July 20, 2016

poem of the day 07.20.16

sunday morning (7:45 a.m.)

this morning is ugly
but i needn’t tell you that

and the same dog is taking his same shit
right in front of my window

barking and growling at ghosts
while his owner has the same conversation on his phone
with the same person that he had it with last week

always something about kicking ass on saturday night
he’s wearing the same bar t-shirt and mesh shorts
dipshit sandals and shades that he always wears

flipping his keys like some kind of wise guy

giving me the same clueless douche bag look
when our eyes meet

in the sky the sun beams down
a pale yellow halo over this cracked landscape
of apartment complexes, embedded garbage and concrete

and the world looks like god’s vomit anew

as i watch the dog quiver his hind legs
and drop a massive steaming one

that his owner won’t pick up
like he didn’t do last week or the week before

thinking to myself you can’t spell suicide
without the U and I

before shutting the blinds that i’d only just opened
for whatever idiotic reason that i had

for wanting to let a little bit of light in
and look at the dull world around me.



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