Saturday, December 15, 2018


lebron’s building schools… 45’s building walls
                        --after chuck d

but wouldn’t it be nice
if we paid teacher like we do star athletes?

give mrs. deasy who got me into history
one hundred million for five years

put her in the hall of fame

let mr. connolly of engligh lit 101
make the stash doing nike commercials and selling us soda
while he drops some chaucer knowledge?

invite a whole school’s faculty to the white house

tell all the sports champs and their tin trophies
to stay the hell home

thank those teachers for the hard work they’ve done
raising the nation’s kids

in a system meant for everyone to fail
and become just another cog in the wheel

in fact, let the president
spend his whole summer thanking teachers

instead of spewing his hate
from his shithole golf club in jersey

wouldn’t it be nice
if the world were reversed like this?

instead of dropping millions on war
we could fund a state’s school lunch program

instead of the pentagon cooking its books
we could have shakespeare for everybody

instead of destroying nations
by dragging our dollar-dicks in the desert

we could have math teachers
rolling around in an expensive mercedes benz
and science teachers sporting gucci to biology?

that art teacher getting the budget she needs
instead of begging people online for supplies

then maybe we wouldn’t need
to have sports stars build out fucking schools

dress our kids
buy their books
feed them lunch


but this is america
and who are we kidding?

the deck is stacked
the fix is in

no one knows shit about shit
except how to hide under their desks at recess

because johnny from physics class
showed up late for school today

and rumor has it
he might be packing a gun.

--John Grochalski


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