Thursday, December 13, 2018



Just for today
I have to admit
That I am scared
Perhaps I am being

Trump in the White House
Trouble as ever
In the middle East
England as poverty stricken
As I have ever seen it
And after the early 90's
I really didn't think
I would ever see it worse
But now it is much
Much worse
As I say, perhaps
It's me
As people get older
They begin to think
That the world
Is going downhill
Looking back through
Rose tinted spectacles
At their perfect past
I hope that this is
What this is
I really hope that this is
What this is
But 10 years ago
I had never seen
Food Banks before
Or soup kitchens
Not in my time anyway
I'd seen pictures from
The 1930's of course
And pictures of the
Hunger Marches
But I never seriously
Thought I'd have to
Use a food bank myself
Relying on the charity
Of strangers
When the government
Has become too vicious
To feed the people
Who pay their wages
And yet progress
Rolls on and on
The gap between
Rich and poor
Grows wider and
Wider  all the time
Before too long
They will just
Kill all of the poor
And make
Uncomplaining robots
To cater to the rich
And their every whim

Unless they don't have to
Unless they don't have to

--Ian Lewis Copestick

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