Sunday, December 1, 2019


son of an idiot
  --for Donald Trump Jr.

the son of an idiot
is on tv and twitter
bragging about his book sales
and how he’s triggering the liberals
with all his tough guy talk

but his books are bought and paid for
by russian oligarchs
and his own trust fund

the son of an idiot doesn’t care

with his beard
to cover his weak chin
but nothing to hide his jellyfish spine

the son of an idiot
wears his ignorance proudly

he wears it like armor
like he does his thousand-dollar suits
and his boozy new york tan

when he’s slumming
bellow the mason-dixon line

shaking the hands of all of those true americans

people who just a few years ago
that coward son of an idiot

wouldn’t condescend
to waste his spit on.

--John Grochalski


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