Monday, January 11, 2021


Our Commander in Chief

Everything’s going great
He gives himself a ten
He has made America
So very great again

Of course the NFL
May not agree with this call
But just like his hands
That issue was small

We’ve done so wonderful
And no-one disapproves
They have all been fired
As his golf game improves

He will never back down
Cause He is no wuss
You better believe it
He’s got the world by the puss

And please no applause
He solved immigration
Threw them all out
To protect our great nation

He’s even beaten the Corona virus
Proving D.J. Trump never fails
Ask the more than 60 thousand
Oops, the dead tell no tales

Now America again must do the math
To vote for dementia or a sociopath
In the midst of all this dead wood
Crooked Hillary almost looks good.

--Joan Fields



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