Wednesday, January 13, 2021


Green Eggs and a Ham

I'm your president, the Man I Am
the boss of every living hu-man.

Will you help us, Man I Am?
We're sick, we're homeless
no jobs, no food
we're suffering and dying
while you work on your tan.

I would not help you
although I can
I would not sign the relief bill
I'm not that kind of man.

Would you spare us more deep pain
would you could you go home again?
Will you leave the White House
and stop casting blame?

I would not could not
give up now
I would not could not
admit I lost.
I would not could not
stop pardoning my cronies
I would not could not
desert my toadies and phonies.
I won't let the failing media
the will of the weak
the cheating democrats
wreck my legacy
of lies and deceit.

Don't you believe in truth,
honor and the rule of law
the U.S. Constitution
and democracy, man?

I do not like it, that’s who I am.
And you helped make me
your forever boss:
the Man I Am.

--Mickey Corrigan

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