Thursday, January 7, 2021


the same blur

it bleeds together
the fabric of tomorrow
the litmus of today

eyes open
first breath
assess quality of light

lasers from the showerhead
scratch the cat behind the ear
wish her a pleasant day
tucked against the radiator
her bones ache daily
so do mine

start the car, change oil
light taunts, I'll forget

the line at the post moves
the same blur as days
as co-workers, as friends
hungry for conversation
we warm up to time
passing, tea steeps

computer screens
for eight hours to collect
your worth, the news
is stagnant, remind me
to change the tape
on this narrative

start the car, sunsets
over retail and church
more monster condos
framed steel structures
hollow in azure light

the cat is ready for dinner
clean dishes as meal cooks
settle into a book
another double feature
what’s tonight's theme?

it's all waiting in the land
of death, somewhere between
flesh and spirit. somewhere
you hope to overhear
I think you'll like it
there are a lot of aliens

the other day at the dentist
mouth open already drawing
flies, willie nelson sang
ring around the rosie
anthems of other plagues
perhaps, we are the
same fools we've always been

--Jason Baldinger


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