Thursday, March 19, 2009

poem of the day 03.19.09

infelicitous me

you forgot to fill
the ice cube tray again
so now the scotch is going
to be warm.

could you shave my
neck hairs this morning
so i don’t go around
looking like an asshole today.
don’t bitch, you know i wouldn’t
let you go out looking like that.

you’re parents are
a pain in the ass too
just a different kind
of pain in the ass.

yes, yes, you told me that one
yesterday as well.

what do i care
what you do with it?
it doesn’t mean shit to me.

i’m not related to him, you are.

again, that’s no concern of mine.

i know you just walked
in but you left the goddamned
kitchen light on all day again.

don’t give me that shit
when all i want is to sit here
have a drink
and listen to some music.

well, see a doctor if it keeps hurting.
what do you want me to do
about it?

could you just not be you
for five minutes?
is that too much to ask?

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