Friday, March 27, 2009

poem of the day 03.27.09


and then she came over
to me
and said
i could never date you
just look at your nails
the way they are bitten down
to the skin
the flesh around the cuticles
red and enflamed
like you have an infection
it looks like you bite your cuticles too
and look at that nail
the skin is black and blue underneath it
and that one there looks like it’s dead
its yellow
is that dried puss?
your thumb nail is bleeding
and your middle nail on your
right hand is cracked
you eat them don’t you?
i never see you spit out the nails
that you bite
no i could never date you
i could never date a guy like you
with bad nails
i just couldn’t
i couldn’t imagine you eating food
or touching me
putting your hands down my panties
on me
inside me with those ugly nails
of yours
it’s a sign of bad hygiene and it makes me
wonder what else is wrong with you.
then she walked away from me
and went over to someone else.
i looked at my nails
i didn’t think they looked so bad
then i picked my nose
flicked a green booger
dug my underwear out of my ass
and tried to feel good about the fact
that someone was thinking about me
in the first place.

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