Sunday, March 15, 2009

Winedrunk Haikus Part 5: NYC 2003-2005

rain pounding the heads
of the lost

leather-clad punks
glowering down 2nd street
and smith - menacing?

running numbers
another fat italian
waits in brooklyn rain

cigarette sighs of
latino girls swirling down
42nd street

third avenue
gloomy faces stalk
the afternoon gray

queens rolling by
in the blackened moonlight
you could be anywhere

before dawn
cats meowing at my bedside
lonesome and hungry

bathroom roach
i don't have the heart
to snuff you out

my contemplative tree
taken over by
thick necks in suits

hurricane winds
blowing at my shaved head
wish i had a warm hat

slouched business men
walking with gloomy steps
midtown at lexington avenue

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