Saturday, April 4, 2009

poem of the day 04.04.09

blood sucker

i drink it until
it becomes like blood
like a necessity in the dark
of night
swirling the red in the glass
until its purple film
looks like a hurricane
ah, the way it glows
off the television
makes you want to suck
it down
even more.
the way it reflects off
the streetlights.
i drink it like it’s blood
like i’ll find a soul at the
bottom of the glass
there are never answers
there are never solutions
but there are never any problems
just something unseen
that holds a power over me.
i am a vampire for the stuff.
other people have coffee
and conversation
a favorite television program
or friends to talk to on the phone
i have the blood
the blood of the gods in my hand
the red chalice
resting on my fat belly
satiating me for the time being
yes, i have the blood of ages
and the dark of the night too
heavy with the stink
of humanity
the rotting flesh
so rich and pungent
off the thundering estuary
even some dogs
are afraid to bark at the wind.

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