Thursday, April 16, 2009

poem of the day 04.16.09

i can’t stop

if i get on a train
and there are legs
and a short skirt
across from me
i can’t stop
because i might get
the blessed flash of the panty
or better
and when a woman bends over
to look for a book
or to fix her kid’s coat
tie shoes
and she is wearing low hung
with the thong
the top of the ass crack showing
i must stop whatever
it is i’m doing and watch
until she is done
i can’t stop
i’ve been looking down
women’s shirts since
i was twelve
i used to do ass walks
through parks to pass
the time
i sit through bad films
purely for the nude scenes
even now
with the flash of tit or ass
on the silver screen
i am like a thirteen-year-old boy
i can’t stop
we’ve been together almost
twelve years
but whenever my wife
comes out of the shower wet
red from the hot water on flesh
i have to put down my book
and stare
sometimes i follow her into
the bedroom
and nature takes
its course
i can’t stop
and if there are packs
of young girls
on the street
mean little whore teenage girls
with their tight pants
and cell phones
taunting boys
i take my place against
the wall
and wish to be abused
by them too
i watch them until they
are gone
i am an ugly man
i know i am coarse
but i can’t stop
i don’t want to stop
i thank the gods every day
for women
such joy
such pleasure
such fantastic misery
and murder
all in one
i just can’t stop
i can’t quit any of you
until i’ve eaten you all up
in my mind
and licked the bones
of your souls

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