Saturday, April 25, 2009

poem of the day 04.25.09


we look at it
the security guard and i
sitting in a brown lump
right on the floor
or something
shit in this place
and there it is
right there
and there we are
right here
the guard and i
looking at each other
dumb grins on our faces
trying to figure out
who’s going to
pick this up
who’s taking one
for the team
him or me
still grinning like fools
usually we get along
talk baseball and the like
but there it is
between us
a small mound of shit
someone’s ugly gift
on this never ending night
a night he and i are
stuck in this joint
until the bitter end
but we keep smiling
at each other
although we’ve reached
an impasse
two unmovable men
not risking pride or sanity
and there’s nothing
we can do about this
because sometimes
shit happens


Anonymous said...

Hahahaa, this is GREAT !

Thanks for posting :)

John Grochalski said...

thanks. sadly things like this happen more often than not in the public library