Thursday, July 16, 2009

poem of the day 07.16.09

i wonder what they do when the
party is over

i’d done nothing but eat their jello shots
and drink their wine
but she pushed me on the bed.

“i’ve been watching you,” she said.
“you’ve been so bad tonight.”

and then she kissed me.
i could smell the stink of her in my mouth.
the cigarettes and onion dip
and cheese and fruit from a platter
in the middle of the room.

she came up for air. “now don’t go
anywhere. i’ll be right back.”

when she left i just laid there,
my hard-on betraying me.
then the door opened.
it was her roommate,
and ugly redhead.

“i was wondering where you were.
i looked all over the place, but i couldn’t
find you.”

then she hoped on top of me
and started shoving her tongue down
my throat.
she tasted just as bad as the other one.
cigarettes and salsa, and the faint odor
of body sweat.
she ground her crotch into mine.

“i’ll be right back,” she said, after she
unlatched her tongue from mine. “stay here.”

i lay there another few minutes.
i didn’t know whose room i was in,
the first one or the second one.
then the first one came back in.

“she was in here, wasn’t she? that bitch.
she knew i had my eyes on you.”

then she jumped back on the bed
and we started going at it again
while i thought about all of those
years that no one ever invited me
to parties
and when they started to, how i wouldn’t
go because of a chip on my shoulder
and a hatred for my fellow man.

“you like this, don’t you?” she said,
rising up off of me. our crotches were
still entwined below, and she gave me
a push down there for good measure.
“you just stay there,” she said, before
leaving again.

then the second one came back
with two drinks.
they must be running some kind
of racket, i thought.

“does she know i was in here?” she asked,
setting the drinks down and getting back
on top of me. she must’ve had some
of that onion dip before she came back
in. “she’ll kill me if she finds out.”

i wanted to tell her that she already
knew, but she had her tongue back
in my mouth before i got in a word.
she kept flicking it back and forth.
it was slimy and warm, and lacquered
with onion dip.
i thought i was going to die right then
and there.
but then she got up.

“stay here a second,” she said, before leaving
the room.

then i got up off the bed.
they had a fire escape outside the window.
i opened the window and went out it.
in the darkness i just crouched there
listening to the sounds
of the party.
the people laughing and talking
about many a sundry thing.

the first one came back in
and looked around.
she put her hands on her hips
and left.
a few moments later the second
one came in with a cigarette
in her mouth,
and did them same thing.

then i took out a cigarette
and lit it, as a dog barked
out into the night
and it’s owner beat it,
thinking some fantasies
are better left to the
and those thoughts that
pop in there
at three in the morning
when you can’t sleep
and can only wait on the dawn.

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