Wednesday, July 29, 2009

poem of the day 07.29.09


i enjoy the silence
the way we can just sit there
with our drinks
studying the music on the television
or the radio
and i like when you laugh
reading the paper, even though it
breaks up the mood.

i enjoy the nyctalopia
that i get in the bedroom at night
trying to make out the doorway
and the shape
of your things while you snore lightly
on my chest
and the insomnia sets in

i enjoy a beer
in an afternoon bar
on a sunny summer day
while the rest of them are outside
in the heat
figuring out ways to smother each other
all the while becoming a better citizen

i enjoy books that are heavy
because they hold the windows open
better than a paperback

i enjoy the daily newspaper
for there is no greater comedy
than that which the world creates
on its daily stage

i enjoy quick sex
in the morning, the surprise kind
where you kind of grab my cock
while i’m holding your ass
and then it’s a go from there.

there isn’t much better than
quick sex in the morning

i enjoy unwrapping a new wine bottle
and smelling the cork
before i pour you a glass
as if i were an elegant sommelier
in one of those fine french restaurants
we’ll never go to

i enjoy
football and baseball
even though i tell everyone that i don’t
and i occasionally enjoy
conversation with a random stranger
but only if it sticks

i enjoy looking down women’s shirts
or checking their ass when they
bend over
to see if a thong or the hem of a lacy pair
of panties is sticking out

i enjoy complaints of all kinds
i take on all comers
and movies that can keep me awake
i enjoy rock and roll and rap, and some jazz
and classical
and everything else that has a pulse
and can do something to me other than

i enjoy the old poets
and the old novelists
but i enjoy staying away from my peers
out of fear that they’ll taint my worldview
with trivial lines

i enjoy a lot of things
this and that
me and you
and even some others of you too
but try getting the joy of out of me
on a regular basis
and i’ll show you a task
that’s never been so hard.

so sit back and enjoy this poem
as i have enjoyed writing it
and we’ll leave it at that.