Monday, August 3, 2009

poem of the day 08.03.09

with love

i have a jackleg soul
with most, baby,
but not you
you never have to worry
about that
because my aim is true
so don’t pay it any mind
when i come in
off the shitter
and wave my hands
at you and simply go to bed
without a word
and if the rain falls down
and soaks your pizza
then, hell, we’ll just buy
another one
and those stories you tell
yes, i want you to get
to the point quicker
but that’s only
because i have so much
to say to you
and time is always running
against us
oh, honey, you’re a well
and i want to drink you dry
but sometimes
i do and say the wrong thing
i listen to music
more than your voice
so whatever comes next
a belch, a fart
a wine glass shattered against
our lunatic white walls
or me turning over a table
in a fit of drunken madness
just remember, my sweet,
con amore
it’s nothing you did
it’s just my rotten soul hurling
because with you it’s always
con amore

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