Tuesday, August 18, 2009

poem of the day 08.18.09

evil eyes

she comes up
the subway steps
with two fleshy shoulders
and a thinly strapped dress
that’s cut just so at the knees
it shows some good thigh
when the stale air
makes it move

she comes up
the subway steps
with her blonde hair thrown back
into a ponytail
her beach tan radiating
wearing black heels that
enhance the curve
of her calves

i look
all the men look
all of us suffering the sun
we all watch the way she sways
toward the stop light
she is natural perfection
and she knows it
but i don’t think she wants any
of our lusty gazes

she comes up
the subway steps
clutching one of those eco-saving
grocery bags
her mouth turned down
beads of sweat on a face
that has no make-up running
and she has the most perfect set
of evil eyes
that i’ve ever seen
saying so much more
than the smallest word of protest
lingering as an echo
on this sweaty block

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