Thursday, August 13, 2009

poem of the day 08.13.09

all the world is a stripper pole

the little teen queen
dances and shakes her ass on the television
making the front pages
of the tabloids
and she’s as lethal as
a chinese garbage incinerator
as threatening as a typhoon
in taiwan

i want to eat her methane
i want to lap up her carbon dioxide

the way she moves
and twirls her hips
are almost too much for me
they might be too much more
for another lonely guy
in the rust belt
thinking some of that smile and flesh
is owed to him
because that’s why he puts
on cologne

she’s so cool
shaking that luxurious hair
and doing twirls around
a stripper pole on the stage
man, she knows she got them
the thirteen years old boys
and all the rest of us
just sixteen and making her
sexual statement
making her hillbilly parents the toast
of the town once again

i wonder what she’s like
when she’s not onstage
is it all innocent
pizza and ice cream
and trips to the mall
is she deep
is she worried about the national
health care debate too
or are the corporate handlers
keeping her hot between the legs
revved up for all of us gents
numb and high on
premium cable

i can’t keep watching her
that gummy teen smile
that gyrating little rich whore
with those two little breasts
that ass in black shorts
and those long, tanned
tennessee bred legs

those myanmar dictators
should put her under house arrest
if she ever gets loose
if she ever lets go
of that shinning stripper pole
gleaming under those hollywood light
hot enough to melt
arctic permafrost
during the next
ice age.

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