Monday, February 1, 2010

poem of the day 02.01.10

miami’s got oranges or
conversation mostly heard
in a sheepshead bay dunkin’ donuts

“you think the jets got a chance?”

“i think they gonna win it all.
hear me. the jets gonna win it all.”

“they look good. i like this young kid
they got at quarterback.”


“yeah, him. he’s all right.”

“he’s the best.”

“he’s no broadway joe.”


“broadway joe? joe namath?
he’s only the best quarterback ever to play the game.”

“who’d he play for?”

“the jets for christ’s sake!”

“like sanchez?”

“before sanchez,
years before sanchez.”

“and he was good?”

“you don’t know anything, do you?”

“i know the jets.
and i know they gonna win today.”

“i’ll tell you who else was good
and I don’t care what any of you think about him.”


“o.j. simpson.”


“and i don’t care what none of you say
he was the back tailback i ever saw.”

what’s a tailback?”

“a running back.
don’t you know nothing?”

“i know the jets...”

“yeah, yeah, you and your jets.”

“my jets.”

“you ever hear this:
miami’s got oranges but buffalo’s got the juice.”


“i said, miami’s got oranges
but buffalo’s got the juice.
o.j. simpson.”

“what about him?”

“he was the juice.
that’s what they called him.”

“the juice.
why they call him that?”

“because his name was o.j.
don’t you get it?
o.j.. orange juice. the juice.”

“yeah, like orange juice.
i get it, pops. i get it.”

“miami’s got oranges but buffalo’s got the juice.”

“why buffalo?”

“because that’s where he played.
the buffalo bills,”

“buffalo’s got
the juice.”

“now you got it.”

“it’s cold in buffalo.
my cousin lives there.
said there ain’t shit to do but shovel snow.”

“buffalo ain’t so bad.
but the football team is terrible now.”

but i thought they had the juice?”

“i’m done talking to you.
talking to you is like talking to myself.”


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