Friday, February 19, 2010

poem of the day 02.19.10

gray gems bathing in the moonlight

we sat there for another hour
all of my shit on her table

we weren’t talking

she told me she thought that i was
seeing someone else

i said that i wasn’t

we didn’t talk after that
she sat there and cried
i sat there wishing
that i had been seeing someone else the whole time

when it was really over
i went out and sat in my car

the night was cold and crisp

along her driveway was a
landscape of sculpted rocks

i sat there for a minute looking at them
as the car warmed up
and she went from room to room shutting off lights

i thought the rocks looked beautiful

they were gray gems bathing in the moonlight

i’d never noticed them before
not once in the two years
we’d put ourselves through hell

i thought the rocks were a nice memory
a nice reminder that beauty could still
exist in the world

then i lit a cigarette
put on some bob dylan
and backed the car out of her driveway for good.

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