Thursday, February 25, 2010

poem of the day 02.25.10

no problem

i come into the bagel shop
from the cold and rain

everything on me wet

i feel like shit

this is how i have to start the work day
i think

she is behind the counter
looking at me
as i drip all over the store

“can i get you anything?”
she asks.

“decaf,” i say

“no problem.
you want milk?”

“half and half.”

“no problem.

“a little.”

“how much?” she asks.

“a spoonful,” i say.

“no problem.”

she goes about fixing the coffee
as i wipe away rain from my jacket

the rain has soaked through onto my shirt
fucking winter rain, i think.

she hands me my coffee.

“i need two bagels, too,” i say,
remembering lunch.

“no problem,” she says.

she gets the bagels.

“that’ll be two-fifty,” she says.

“here’s three,” i say.

“no problem.”

she rings me up and gives me my change.
i toss it into an old, green tip jar
on the right of the counter.

“thanks,” she says.

“no problem,” say.

then i walk into the cold
glad for a little bit of ease that morning.

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Unknown said...

It's the little things that go easily that can make or break a day...