Wednesday, July 21, 2010

poem of the day 07.21.10

in a bit of good news...since i mentioned it..found out
yesterday that i get to keep my public service more booze
and reckless travel for least for the next fiscal year.
thank you, all who made calls, to save NYC libraries. Still, many
library systems are hurting, as it seems to be the American way
to cut the funding of educational institutions during times of crisis,
as opposed to raising taxes on the wealthy....but alas and alack, at least
we can still go online and see topless pictures of Paris Hilton, right?

i'll shut up now.....

hot for teacher

now, boys,
she used to purr
sitting atop her desk
with the short skirt coming up
to the thighs
and her sweater tight around the breasts

boys, don’t you know how
to clean up after yourselves? she’d ask

and then she’d giggle
hopping off the desk fast
but not fast enough

we’d always get a glimpse of the back
of her thighs as well

she was mrs. bender
but we called her mrs. bend-ass
for the way she’d lean over in class
to pick up trash off of the floor

legs spread
a full bend at the waist
so that the classroom full of us
could get a good look at her
ass crack

twenty fifteen year-old boys
getting hard-ons
in algebra class

tearing paper out of notebooks
and scattering it about
just to get a good look
at all of that glory
hidden behind her polyester skirt

how are you going to grow
up to be men? mrs. bend-ass would ask
if you can’t even pick up
a piece of paper off the floor?

then she’s bend it again
and someone would knock
on the wood of their desk
making like they were jerking it off
right then and there

she didn’t even have that decent
of a face
but a face never mattered with
a body like that

mrs. bend-ass would giggle again
she’d saunter over to the garbage can
to throw away the trash

she’d sigh heavily
her breasts going up and down
before she’d hop back on that desk
to give us all
a look at her glorious legs again

i should make some of you
stay after class, she’d say
maybe that would teach you how
to be nice, clean boys

don’t you want to be nice, clean
catholic boys?

yes, mrs. bender
we would all say in unison

good, she’d say
now where were we?

mrs. bend-ass would hop
off of the desk with her chalk
to go to town on the blackboard
her wonderful ass quivering as she wrote
exponents and fractions

not a lick of math sticking
inside of any of our brains
on a day like that.


Anonymous said...

well I'll be damned.. I knew there was one of you "real" writers lurking in Blog-Space.. So hope you don't mind sharing your words with me..Great poem..

stephanie clara said...

hah good news, finally!

John Grochalski said... could've just caught me on a good writing day. :) but thank you for reading!

Stephanie...yes, 4 months of living in a possible jobless void is now i guess i should hold true to my word and get the cats a new scratching post and kitty beds since i'm still drawing a regular paycheck