Saturday, July 31, 2010

poem of the day 07.31.10

god save the children

she comes in the office
she tells us that she is a teacher
and wants to know if she can bring
a school group by for some instruction

she is a young, attractive asian woman
she is wearing a one piece gray dress
that clings to her body
like the last vestiges of sin itself

we tell her sure
when she leaves the women begin complaining

she shouldn’t be teaching children, they say
not dressed like that

if that were my kid’s teacher, i’d complain
i’d call the school and have her pulled out of that class

i’d get her fired for dressing like that

she’s not even in school, i say
there aren’t even any kids with her

that’s just like a man to say something like that
but you don’t know because you don’t
have children
they get influenced

she should be ashamed, they say

and on and on and on
just like that


chanting like cackling witches
sharpening their stones

feminism once again kicked in the dust
over a pair of legs, a tight ass,
and insurmountable jealousies.


JoyEleven said...

I love this poem!! I am an elementary school teacher who believes in self-expression! I love a woman like myself who doesn't mind reflecting naked emotions through words, pictures, or even style of dress! I am very impressed!!

John Grochalski said...

Joyeleven...that you. it just saddened me that everything about this woman came down to her wearing a short summer dress, on her own time.