Wednesday, June 1, 2011

poem of the day 06.01.11

outside my window

outside my window
the chinese woman
is keeping her ritual
digging through the garbage
for glass and plastic
while the neighbors linger outside
smoking cigarettes
spreading their joyful wrath
i’m sitting here
with the radio on
the same ratty t-shirt
the same stained shorts
scotch glass in hand
keeping up my end of the night
thinking it’s as if i never even left america
there is a little girl with a whistle
she keeps blowing it
with no set rhythm or pattern
her parents laugh at this
as more noise envelopes the street
looking outside my window
i daydream of spain
think of brooklyn
as some woman that i’m simply
tired of fucking
i think of going outside
and shoving one of those
recyclable bottles
down the chinese woman’s throat
taking that whistle
shoving it right up that child’s ass
as her parents look on in horror
of grabbing the neighbor’s cigarettes
and storming back inside
to smoke the whole pack in the dark
with this bottle of scotch
at my side
waiting on the police sirens
that will surely be coming for me
grinning like a madman
looking outside my window
as the american evening bleeds
into the coming
apocalyptic night

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