Thursday, June 23, 2011

poem of the day 06.23.11

this poem is alone

you could write another one
about the lack of humanity
the neighbor pounding
across her floor at six in the morning
but there will be better ones
about both subjects
so why waste them on this
you could write one
about the weak coffee that you drink
because of your sour stomach
or maybe one about the sartre novel
that you’re trying to read
but no one wants
to read poems about sartre novels
and the coffee is your fault
a hatred of nature?
i think we’ve covered that
on several occasions
plus it’s hard to hate nature
when the sky is gray in june
angering the ugly masses
ah, but there you go
with people again
people are the worst
you hate people
but cannot stop writing about them
perhaps you secretly love mankind
shudder to think
no, this poem is alone
meaning nothing, signifying nil
it is just meant to exist
filling in the space
of each line with words
until the end of the page
has been reached
until a better poem arrives
and to the reader
i am truly sorry
because that’s a pretty lousy reason
to be up with the sun
and a scotch hangover
playing at artiste again
wasting your precious time.

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