Monday, June 13, 2011

poem of the day 06.13.11

oceans and seas

they look like rabid dogs
locked in a cage

foaming at the mouth
taking their hardships out on each other

i think that they are rabid dogs

and i stand there
waiting for them to turn on me

which doesn’t take long in a place like this

for we have animosity here
as wide as the oceans and seas

these dogs they come at me
showing their yellow teeth

their mouths filled with blood and snot

barking at me


hungering for my throat

but to win i must keep juking left and right
keep moving beyond this

because i know that if they get me
they’ll never let me go

these dogs

these company men

these american workers
trying to squeeze water from a stone
on a friday afternoon

doing their best to make damn sure
that your coming weekend
will be as bad as theirs.

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