Monday, March 4, 2013

poem of the day 03.04.13

jacques cousteau never did this

mitch says to artie
and everyone within earshot

hey, have you heard about larry yet?

he killed himself
turns out his old lady was screwing around on him

so larry goes out to the pier
with his pants full of rocks
and just jumps into the river like aquaman

they had three search crews out there looking for him
but they didn’t find shit

not even his body

good old larry is fish food now, mitch says
can you believe it?

artie and everyone within earshot
shake their heads

we say our goddamns
then go back to drinking our stale beer

but it’s harder now
thinking about poor larry the cuckold
doing a virginia woolf in the hudson

and all because of a philandering wife

if he had any balls at all
he would’ve let her go years ago
and started making the scene with other women

turn this life into a game of sex

bang everything from ages eighteen to sixty-five

every color of the rainbow
in the spectrum of female flesh

show that wife of his what she’s missing
by hopscotching on all of those other beds

keep a scorecard of his conquests
to compare and contrast on a slow saturday night

but larry was never that good looking
and what he lacked in looks he also lacked in imagination

some men don’t have the brains
that they are born with

they just float along until something finally pulls them under

and others of us only attain wisdom
while sitting on a barstool

three green beers into our philosophy

greedily combing the ruins
of another man’s life

for something to feel good about.


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