Monday, March 18, 2013

poem of the day 03.18.13

dry skin

dry skin
at three in the morning

wake up
find myself ripping up my flesh
with a toenail

can’t get back to sleep

clothing soaked with sweat
because you and i
had another knock out
drag out

boxes packed
suitcases packed

words said
tears and yelling
neighbors pounding on walls

the end
the dreaded horrible end
of us
has finally come

i toss and turn

at a loss
at such a miserable loss

think suicidal

reach across the vast sea of sheets

find your hand waiting
which you give to me
from a peaceful sleep

and i realize that it was only a dream

a motherfucking
kick-in-the-face of a dream

….and dry skin
at three o’clock
in the morning.


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