Friday, March 22, 2013

poem of the day 03.22.13

girls in their late may legs

the girls in their late may legs
won’t get out of my way this morning

can’t they see that i’ve been fighting with my wife?

their legs are too tan too soon
these girls in their late may legs

they are ruining the illusions of the changing
of the seasons

their legs are probably tan year round
the little tramps
with their megastar sunglasses
typing away on their smart phones
as they saunter down another sun drenched street

the girls in their late may legs
i’ll bet they have no problems

no dying cat at home waiting for the injection
their assholes don’t itch on humid mornings

they don’t have student loans
or shiny, sore pimples budding on their noses

these golden goddesses of the american office space

their stomachs aren’t queasy from cheap drink
and they don’t have a gray hair on their head

the girls in their late my legs
are glasses of chardonnay on a yacht
and sea breezes at the beach

they are all auburn and jet black or golden

i don’t think they’re human
promenading past me with their faces wrinkled
like i’m a walking fart

they are all aliens sent here to belittle the masses

i’ll bet they’ve never packed a shitty brown bag lunch
they are all fruit salads and energy drinks

these ordained stick figures blocking my view
i’d like to round them up
get them out of my sight

because they are killing the melancholy
of another work morning

infecting the street with their clueless bliss

these girls in their late may legs
give me something to aspire to
as i stop for the free news weekly

blindly check the sex ads

as i watch them clip-clop in their high heels
down the subway steps
and into urban infinity.

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